Top 3 Facebook Advertising Tips


Over 400 million people use Facebook and those online spend almost an hour on Facebook alone.  Almost a hundred thousand sites are linked to Facebook making it a great platform to use when marketing any kind of business.  Discover some Top 3 Facebook Advertising Tips that will surely contribute to the success of your business.

Manage it well

Either hire an entire staff that will manage your account or get apps that can do this for you. As your business grows, there will be more and more advertising tasks to do. Facebook will not be the only platform you will be using by then so it is absolutely essential to discover creative and smart ways on how to handle multiple accounts. You might use different account for your different products,one might for your online marketing like how increase facebook likes, but the most important thing you need to do is manage it and out it under your control.

Boost your customer service

Excellent feedback is a great advertising tactic. Ask Facebook users to leave good feedback on your page. An incredible increase in likes also means that you are highly recommended. You can always buy likes and followers although some marketers do not advice them because of risks involved. But if you will be careful in choosing a reputable seller then you can get the increase you want without hurting your business.

Resolve negative feedback right away. Although you might be getting a few negative feedback, you can always turn them into something positive. Facebook gives real-time updates so once you see something unpleasant, resolve the issue immediately and privately. Despite the negative experience, immediate resolution and compensation will definitely be appreciated by the disappointed customer. Customer satisfaction will surely be a great advertisement for your business.

Awesome content

Some apps provide templates for your post. Remember that your readers have short attention span so make it short and appealing. Adding visuals will greatly boost your traffic and engagement. Make every post catchy enough so it will be easy for you to introduce new products or run whatever promotions you can think of including contests.